iICE MDM (Buyer Edition)

Synchronising catalogues with suppliers / vendors is a well-known prerequisite to supply chain integration and e-procurement. iICE MDM (Buyer Edition) is designed to help data recipients or buying organisations extract the full benefits of their procurement systems.  It facilitates the supplier enablement process by giving purchasing departments the ability to process and manage supplier product catalogues;

  • From many supplier sources (Industry portals and data pools)

  • In many different file formats and standards

  • For a diverse set of product or commodity classes

  • Using a variety of categorisation standards & numbering systems.

iICE Buyer Edition allows product data to be aggregated, cleansed, transformed, categorised, and then integrated into the buyer's procurement engines or in-house business systems (including ERP, e-procurement, inventory management or merchandising).

Global Data Synchonisation (GDSN) with your suppliers can also be achieved using iICE MDM (Buyer Edtion) and the Adaptor for GDSN (data recipient module).  This module preconfigures iICE MDM with all the GDSN attributes, validation rules, industry codes and connections to GDSN data pools such as NPC, 1WorldSync and TrueSource.  It allows data recipients to recieve supplier catalogue updates from these GDSN data pools and validate, transform, workflow approve, and feed 'clean' product data to their back-end systems.