iICE MDM (Supplier Edition)

Suppliers to the retail industry often market their products through a variety of distribution channels and advertising media.  These organisations need to customise and publish their product catalogues using many different file formats, categorisation standards and numbering systems dictated by the respective industry channel.

iICE MDM (Supplier Edition) is built for suppliers who need to control the maintenance and publication of product data to their distributors and customers.  The flexibility of iICE enables sales and marketing staff to efficiently publish tailored catalogues in a variety of media such as:

  • Internet websites, industry marketplaces/exchanges or portals
  • Printed price books, product brochures and technical guides
  • Ordering catalogues in either web, paper, CD-ROM or DVD format
  • Workflow Management.

Additionally, the advance export capabilities of iICE Supplier Edition can be used to disseminate product data across internal business systems including ERP, CRM, WMS (warehouse management systems) and CMS (content management systems).   For suppliers that need to synchronise their product catalogues to global data pools such as NPC, 1WorldSync and TrueSource, there is an optional fully-integrated Adaptor for GDSN that comes pre-configured with GDSN rules, attributes, reference codes, data entry forms and upload facility.