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Vendor Master Data (V-MDM)

Our Solutions

Whilst the need to manage supplier, customer and product master data may be common to all business organisations, at an industry level, the challenges relating to how data is maintained and exchanged can vary significantly. 

The requirements for usage of clean and accurate product data can be very different, depending on the particular supply chain.  In recognising these differences across industries, Innovit has combined our iICE Master Data Manager solutions with industry-specific expertise developed over many years to deliver a set of highly tailored solutions for the retail/procurement, wholesale/distribution and manufacturing/supply industries.   

Innovit has proven expertise within the following vertical industries:

  • Industrial Tools and Hardware
  • Automotive Parts and Components
  • Office & IT Products
  • Grocery & Liquor (FMCG)
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Healthcare and Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical.