Global Partners

At Innovit, we understand that our customers require fully integrated and seamless end-to-end solutions.  We remain focused on delivering what we do best – the design and deployment of superior PIM and MDM solutions.  We, of course, can’t be everything to everyone and recognise the vital role that solution partners play for both our customers and our own success.

Innovit prides itself on the calibre of its customer and partner channels, and we provide dedicated support and assistance to these ‘certified’ partners through our Partner Program.  This program was specifically developed to enable Innovit and our partners’ unparalleled value in areas such as:

  • Market Exposure
  • Business Opportunities
  • Joint Sales & Marketing Programs
  • Qualified Customer Base

Innovit is currently expanding its partner channels.  If you would like further information on how you could participate within the Innovit Partner Program, and your company has complementary products or services to our PIM, MDM and GDSN solutions, please contact



B2BE has a partnership agreement to resell Innovit’s iICE products in New Zealand. B2BE is an international organization that helps businesses be more efficient and profitable through the deployment of business-to-business e-Solutions. Since its inception in Australia, B2BE has expanded its operations across Europe and Asia, serving customers in diverse industries and market segments.

Praesto provide experienced consultants to implement and support CRM, Business Intelligence and MDM / PIM solutions. Praesto are highly committed on providing value to our clients, at every interaction, to ensure we deliver cost-effective and successful projects. Our team are agile and focused totally on the needs of our customers. .

Industry Partners

GS1 Global for over 40 years, GS1 has amassed over one million members using supply chain standards that make doing business easier and more efficient. GS1 services these customers from member organisations located in over 100 countries. Business becomes much easier when their customers, suppliers and partners all use global standards. GS1 Global Healthcare assists the development and implementation of our healthcare standards is led by the industry experts who use them.

GS1 UK is an independent, not-for-profit company working to make UK organisations more efficient by using global standards. After all, life’s simpler when we all have the same information. GS1 UK manages the GS1 standards, using unique numbers, for global use which makes the reliable identification of products and assets possible. It is one of 108 GS1 member organisations across 150 countries, and operate in multiple sectors and industries.

GS1 Australia is a non-profit organisation that locally administers the global multi-industry system of identification and communication for products, services, assets and locations – the GS1.UCC system. Created to help Australian business enterprises to become more efficient, their fundamental role is to allocate GS1.UCC numbers and bar codes, maintaining internationally accepted trading standards. This, in turn, allows organisations to adopt world’s best practice supply chain management techniques.

Australian Digital Health Agency is responsible for national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety. Our focus is on putting data and technology safely to work for patients, consumers and the healthcare professionals who look after them.

Healthcare Transformation Group (HTG) has established working relationships with GS1 Healthcare US, academic institutions, governmental agencies, vendors/suppliers and research institutions – to continue to advocate for and advance the adoption of standards in healthcare.

MedTech Europe strives to support our dynamic sector in meeting the needs of patients and health systems. To achieve this, we focus on engaging with healthcare stakeholders on key issues from regulations and market access to digital health and Brexit, among others.

USDM Lifescience helps hundreds of pre-commercial Life Sciences customers reach commercialisation faster. We leverage pre-packaged accelerators and organisational change management to make our customers streamlined and compliant.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Solution Partners

1WorldSync™ is the leading provider of product content solutions, enabling more than 25,000 global companies in over 60 countries to share authentic, trusted content with customers and consumers, empowering intelligent choices for purchases, wellness, and lifestyle decisions. Through its technology platform and expert services, 1WorldSync provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. 1WorldSync is the only product content network provider and GDSN Data Pool to achieve ISO Certification 27001.

Global Exchange Healthcare (GHX) is a software-as-a-service company that’s reducing the cost of doing business in healthcare by automating supply chain processes and improving visibility into the products used in patient care. We’ve built the GHX Global Network, the world’s largest community of healthcare trading partners, connecting supply chain, finance and clinical professionals with their suppliers.

Syndigo LLC offers a simple promise, but a critical one, and one that Syndigo can deliver like no one before based on our commitment to being a client-centric organisation. As the first unified solution for content management, syndication, analytics, and verified product information, Syndigo is raising the standard of what great product experiences can be.

Attribytes bring together business intelligence & analytics, GS1 Certified Data Pool, pricing, logistics, rebate, and vendor data management in one cloud based solution that is not available from any one software as a service (SaaS) company. We are connecting hundreds of foodservice distributors and suppliers in a revolutionary platform that houses, cleans, and enhances transactional, customer, and product data to support over 100 billion dollars of sales within foodservice annually.

Atrify is a global, technology-focused investment firm, has acquired 1WorldSync Holdings, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) network that enables brands to securely and continuously share critical product data with a community of retailers, operators and distributors across industries, including consumer goods, foodservice, electronics and healthcare.

WERK II is a German technology provider for multichannel publishing solutions with more than 25 years of pioneer works in the field of data driven publishing. WERK II stands for innovative capacity by trendsetting software development. With it’s print Group offices in USA, UK, France, Germany, Poland and Japan, WERK II pursues a globalisation strategy.