Product Information Management

Foundation for Omni-Channel Commerce

Consumers increasingly rely on e-commerce sites or apps to search for products, access information about those products and make purchases.  They expect rich and consistent product information to make purchasing decisions and demand a seamless and unified shopping experience across all channels. This has placed enormous pressure on retailers, distributors and suppliers to enhance the quality of product data in their sales channels and enable the ‘buy anywhere, get anywhere’ shopping experience to their customers.

Innovit’s PIM solution addresses the demands of omni-channel commerce by providing rich capabilities to manage products, catalogues, digital assets, cross-sell/up-sell relationships and channel-specific variations in a single, easy-to-use application. Flexible output formats and templates provide the ability to publish data to multiple online channels and marketplaces quickly and efficiently.

PIM Solutions for small to mid-sized suppliers

PIM Lite

It’s a fact.  Manufacturers and suppliers need key business strategies for capturing and mobilising content that customers can rely on and drive internal business processes such as supply chain and regulatory compliance.  And it’s also a fact that this process is much more challenging for small to medium size suppliers.  Smaller budgets, fewer resources or simply preferring OpEx vs. CapEx for a lower cost software subscription model meant fewer PIM solution options for these suppliers.

Fortunately, Innovit solves this challenge.

PIM Lite is a pre-configured, entry-level PIM system specifically developed for small to medium size suppliers. PIM Lite brings immediate value by helping suppliers improve product data management processes.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes and redundant data entry
  • Automate import of product data
  • Manage products, catalogues, digital assets and relationships
  • Enable governance workflow for data maintenance and publication
  • Improve data quality and consistency
  • Syndicate clean product data to trading partners in different file formats.

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