Innovit PIM Lite FAQ

Innovit PIM Lite FAQ

What is PIM Lite?

If you are a small or mid-sized supplier organization, you need an affordable product information management solution that provides you with the required capabilities to syndicate reliable product data to your trading partners. PIM Lite is the industry’s first pre-configured and low-cost product information management system that is designed for you to improve data quality, streamline data governance, and automate the syndication of reliable product data across multiple channels thereby enabling efficient omni-channel commerce and trading partner collaboration.

What are some use cases that can be addressed?

Some of the key use cases addressed by PIM Lite include:

  • Automated data on-boarding from a source system
  • Enrichment and validation of catalogs and product attributes
  • Centralized digital asset management (DAM)
  • Automated workflow for new product introduction (NPI) and product maintenance
  • Support one catalog export using a variety of different file formats (e.g. XML, Excel, CSV)

What are the core industries that you focus on?

PIM Lite is applicable for different industry use cases including Healthcare, CPG, Food & Beverage, Electrical and Industrial Supplies and Distribution.

What functionality is available with PIM Lite?

Innovit provides PIM Lite with the following pre-configured capabilities in Innovit MDM:

  • Data Import:
    • One (1) Standard Import Template for on-boarding product data
  • Data Maintenance:
    • Unlimited attribute definition and maintenance
    • Three (3) pre-configured data view layouts for flexible viewing and maintenance (Spreadsheet View, Form View, Properties View)
    • Two-Stage workflow for data enrichment and publication or three-stage workflow for data import, enrichment and publication
    • Catalog management
    • Digital asset management
  • Users and Roles
    • Three (3) pre-configured user roles (Admin, Operator, Review/Approve)
    • Four (4) concurrent users (Admin, Operator, 2x Review/Approve )

I need to syndicate product data via GDSN to my trading partners. Does PIM Lite offer a solution for that?

Yes. PIM Lite offers an optional add-on for customers to syndicate product data via GDSN. The add-on option has the following features that are pre-configured in Innovit’s GDSN Multi-Connector for rapid deployment and time to value:

  • Data Maintenance:
    • Core GDSN attributes (list available)
    • Core GDSN validation rules
    • Core GDSN valid code lists
    • Support for up to 2,500 GTINs
  • Data Publication/Syndication:
    • Automated syndication to one (1) major GS1 data pool (e.g. 1WorldSync, FSEnet, GHX, NPC, etc)

What business benefits do I get from PIM Lite?

  • Elimination of manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Automated workflow management
  • Better governance of new product introductions and changes
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Efficient and reliable syndication of product data to trading partners
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Compliance with data standards and regulations

How long does it really take to implement?

PIM Lite is quick and easy to deploy. The implementation timeline is estimated at approximately 8-12 weeks from project start to go-live including the optional add-on for GDSN syndication.

Do you have any customers in my industry?

Very likely. Innovit has a number of successful implementations across Healthcare, CPG, Food & Beverage, Industrial & Electrical Supplies and Distribution. Please contact us to understand Innovit’s solution for your specific industry and use cases.

How can Innovit help if I have additional requirements and use cases?

Innovit is an enterprise-grade solution provider for master data management, product information management, workflow management, GDSN syndication, UDI submission and message syndication capabilities. It offers various add-on modules and capabilities at a low cost that deliver significant business value. In addition, Innovit offers options to add more concurrent users, GTINs, number of import/export templates and hosting services to meet the specific needs of your business as and when you need it.

Some of the add-on modules and capabilities include:

  • Software
    • Enterprise-grade MDM, iWirkflo, eProcurement portal, UDI Multi-Connector
  • Data Import
    • Additional import templates
    • Template configuration wizard
    • Multiple inbound integrations (e.g. from ERP, PLM)
    • Initial data loads
  • Data Maintenance
    • Increased number of GTINs (for GDSN add-on)
    • Advanced workflow configurations, workflow designer tool, workflow reporting dashboard
  • Users and Roles
    • Increased number of concurrent software users
  • Data Publication/Syndication
    • Omni-channel syndication for eCommerce (Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Adobe InDesign, Salesforce)
    • Additional export templates with template configuration wizard
    • Publication to Food & Beverage trading partners (e.g. Kroger VIP, SmartLabel)
    • Multiple outbound integrations (e.g. to ERP, Adobe InDesign, Salesforce)
    • Multiple GS1 data pools (for GDSN add-on)
  • Hosting Services
    • Upgrade hosting from “Hybrid Cloud or Public Cloud” to “Private Cloud”

How is PIM Lite licensed?

PIM Lite is affordably priced at $32K annually for software (based on 3 Year term) and a one-time implementation cost of $45K.

How is the optional GDSN Connector add-on licensed?

The GDSN add-on is pre-configured to support 2,500 GTINs and syndication to one (1) GS1 data pool, and is priced at $3K annually for software (based on 3 Year term) and a one-time implementation cost of $10K.

Is a hosting option available?

Yes. Innovit offers an optional hosting service at $6K annually for a dedicated environment with shared server (Hybrid hosting model), or $4.5K annually for a shared environment with shared server (Multi-tenant public cloud model). A private cloud model with a dedicated server and dedicated environment is also available upon request.