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Trading Partner Impact Analysis Program: Struggling to support the data requirements of your Trading Partners?

In today’s dynamic trading environment, the retail supply chain has evolved into a sophisticated omnichannel e-Commerce program.  These programs need to cater for the changes in consumer shopping habits such as online shopping, click and collect, mobile shopping / customer loyalty apps, and the presentation of health regulatory and food standards information.

Behind the scenes, recipients of this data recipients are collaborating with their trading partners to streamline and create greater efficiencies for data aggregation and distribution across their supply chain and eCommerce programs.

To support these initiatives, there is a constant need for more accurate, quality, and enhanced data!

How does your organization support;

  • Trading partner GDSN and non-GDSN data requirements (incl. digital content)
  • Varying trading partner data requests (attribute explosion)
  • Data validation to meet industry and customer standards
  • Corporate data quality and governance disciplines
  • Compliance with new and changing regulations (UDI, EU 1169, GMA SmartLabel™).

Trading Partner Impact Analysis Program from Innovit, a global provider of software solutions for PIM, MDM, GDSN, and Workflow Management helps to solve this problem.

This program has been specifically developed from the feedback from Innovit customers who struggle to support the amount of product information being requested from their trading partners.

This program focused on the following key areas;

  • Understanding the data requirements from all your trading partners
  • Determining the format and industry standards needed to support this data
  • Reviewing the gaps in your data as well as its quality
  • How the data is currently stored, and the process that surrounds its maintenance
  • The publishing requirements of your trading partners (GDSN and Non-GDSN).


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Innovit is offering a Complimentary Trading Partner Assessment.  The assessment is a great way for companies to review the impact of this problem, and present a documented business case to management on how to resolve it.

Your Trading Partner Assessment provides;

  • Review of your top three trading partners
  • Documented findings report
  • Business case reccomendations summary.

Interested?  Speak with Tom Hatton or Ryan Larson about how our Trading Partner Assessment can help to build a sustainable product information management process for your business.

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Innovit: certified solution partner of 1WorldSync

Innovit is a global provider of software solutions for PIM (Product Information Management), MDM (Master Data Management), GDSN (Global Data Synchronization), and Workflow Management for product set-up and maintenance.

Innovit’s systems deliver automated workflow management and enforce control over master data accuracy & consistency that achieves high standards of data quality & governance.

Innovit, with representation in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand service customers within industry sectors such as Food & Beverage, Grocery, Healthcare, Hardlines, Office Products, Automotive Aftermarket, Industrial and Safety Supplies.