CPG Brand Owners and Retailers

Optimize brand awareness and reliability with consistent product data & content.

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Easy to Use PIM Solution

Innovit delivers the most ‘cost-effective’ globally certified PIM technology solutions that are ‘easy to implement’ for CPG brand owners and retailers.

Only Innovit delivers the fastest time-to-value for an complete solution that includes preconfigured modules with ‘out-of-the-box’ data validation, and the broadest global coverage for GDSN (Global Data Synchronization).
Our built-in product data publication capabilities support maximum syndication advantage for omni-channel ecommerce.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes and redundant data entry
  • Automate import of product data
  • Manage products, catalogs, digital assets and relationships
  • Enable governance workflow for data maintenance and publication
  • Improve data quality and consistency

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Innovit’s PIM solution addresses the demands of omni-channel commerce by providing rich capabilities to manage products, catalogs, digital assets, cross-sell/up-sell relationships and channel specific variations in a single, easy-to-use application. Flexible output formats and templates provide the ability to publish data to multiple online channels and marketplaces quickly and efficiently.

The Market

Today’s CPG industry has witnessed the rise of ‘Consumerism’ with consumer needs and expectations shifting to online, creating a fiercely competitive digital environment.  Consumers demand instant information access  product content on their mobile devices, and pricing transparency and a rich, omni-channel shopping experiences.

The Problem

Consumers demand immediate, accurate, up-to-date information about products, whether in-store, online or both.  Yet, product information is often incomplete, inaccurate or simply unavailable.  For the brand owner and retailer, this means unhappy shoppers, decreased brand loyalty, and lower profit margins.

The Promise

Provide consumers with the product content they require to make informed decisions, regardless of their purchase point – whether in-store, online, or via mobile devices.

The result?  Better brand awareness, reliability and ‘fast’ time-to-value.

“Companies in the consumer products industry are aligning technology in creative and efficient ways to optimize customer engagement and influence the consumers’ path to purchase.” – Deloitte, 2018


100% user-configurable Master Data Management systems for data quality and accuracy across multiple data domains.

100% user-configurable workflow management platform to help optimize processes, minimize inefficiencies, preserve resources and improve MDM/PIM.
Certified for GS1 GDSN standards to enable global suppliers to efficiently synchronize more accurate and trusted product data
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