Innovit delivers the most ‘cost-effective’ globally certified PIM technology solutions that are ‘easy to implement’ for healthcare manufacturers, distributors, Hospitals and care providers.  Only Innovit delivers the fastest time-to-value for a complete, end-to-end solution that includes preconfigured modules with ‘out-of-the-box’ data validation, and the broadest global coverage for GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation).  Innovit’s ‘fully validated’ systems are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, thereby significantly reducing the total costs of ownership for our customers, and ticking all of the boxes for regulatory compliance.

The Market

Digital healthcare, the Internet of Things, value-based care, and healthcare reform are converging to drive the consumerisation of healthcare.  As a result, healthcare companies are investing in strategic, digital initiatives that improve patient safety and experience, while reducing costs.

The Problem

Many healthcare companies approach product information management manually via spreadsheets, small databases or ERP systems, rather than a fully automated, systematic solution.  The result is laborious, error-prone, ineffective and high risk of non-compliance.

The Promise

A complete MDM system to create, maintain, validate, and distribute product information to comply with government regulations and satisfies the needs of downstream trading partners.  The result?  Make better supply chain decisions and improve patient care.

“Not only is care going beyond the four walls of the provider organisation, but so is the entire buying experience.  For 2017, clinicians need to stop thinking exclusively about just performing better than their local competitors and start thinking about providing a customer experience that rivals the top consumer brands.” – Health Affairs, 2017


100% user-configurable Master Data Management systems for data quality and accuracy across multiple data domains.

100% user-configurable workflow management platform to help optimise processes, minimise inefficiencies, preserve resources and improve MDM/PIM.
Certified for GS1 GDSN standards to enable global suppliers to efficiently synchronise more accurate and trusted product data.