Industrial Distribution


Innovit’s PIM and MDM software enables suppliers and wholesale distributors within the industrial distribution sector to maintain, collaborate, and publish highly-tailored product content to support operations, sales, marketing and supply chain management systems.

The Market

Technological advances within the industrial distribution sector such as the Internet of things, automated transportation, and supply chain innovations are causing segment disruption.  Competition has never been greater, and companies need to feed their intelligent supply chains with quality master data.

The Problem

For the industrial distribution sector to remain competitive, they need to invest in systems that improve the efficiencies of their operations. Utilising PIM and MDM software, organisations can improve the way they manage and share product information up and down their supply chain.

The Promise

Innovit’s PIM systems empower suppliers and wholesale distributors to manage, validate, and synchronise product catalogue data with trading partners so it can be easily integrated with business systems.  The result?  Faster speed to market for new lines and more efficient procurement processes.

“Moves to cloud computing and improvements in enterprise applications will make a significant impact over the next few years. Quality master data will ensure their systems continue to produce exceptional business results.” – Logistics Bureau


100% user-configurable Master Data Management systems for data quality and accuracy across multiple data domains.

100% user-configurable workflow management platform to help optimise processes, minimise inefficiencies, preserve resources and improve MDM/PIM.
Certified for GS1 GDSN standards to enable global suppliers to efficiently synchronise more accurate and trusted product data.