Automating NPI workflow

NPI – A Refresher

The success of any new product launch requires an organized, well-planned process. Ad-hoc or manual approaches are slow and error-prone, making them no longer viable in today’s rapidly changing eCommerce and omni-channel landscape.

An automated NPI workflow management solution orchestrates the collection, validation and transfer of product data across multiple stakeholders to ensure each product is delivered to the customer in-full, on-time and on-spec.

NPI and NPD – Defined

New Product Development (NPD) and New Product Introduction (NPI) is the process of bringing a product or service from inception to market.  Pre-release activities from ideation until the approval for production of a new product concept is generally referred to as New Product Development, or NPD.  The release of an approved product concept to manufacturing and the subsequent go‑to‑market activities are referred to as New Product Introduction, or NPI.  These processes are interrelated and complementary, with NPD being a prerequisite of NPI in most manufacturing companies.  By contrast, in distribution and retail organizations, NPI is the dominant process for launching new product lines, as NPD is often unnecessary (except for private label products).

NPI – A Checklist

The ideal NPI process should:

  • Automate communication between multiple stakeholders involved in the NPI process (product Management, R&D, Packaging & Labelling, Production, Finance and Procurement)
  • Facilitate effortless collaboration between different activity owners both internal and external to the organization
  • Automate task tracking and assignment to the correct users or teams
  • Deliver parallel workflows enabling different groups to work on their respective set of tasks concurrently
  • Allow scheduling and automation of the task reminders to alert users of key deadlines and milestones
  • Automate escalation policies to notify managers or other relevant users when tasks are not completed on time
  • Automatically capture key ‘pre-production’ master for workflow reporting and subsequent feeding of manufacturing, Quality Assurance and ERP systems

NPI – Leverage for Success

Brand owners must be able to capitalize on any new product announcement and launch.  Successful NPI efforts require a solid strategic plan, automated processes with appropriate governance to deliver cost‑efficiency and accuracy whilst accelerating time‑to‑market.

Next Steps

Talk with Innovit team about how to automate your NPI process with Innovit iWirkflo.  It’s the complete solution for enabling an efficient NPI process end-to-end.

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