Healthcare Providers

Are you struggling to source trusted product data, certificates, and the clinical documentation needed to improve supply chain efficiencies, reduce procurement spend, while supporting clinical studies to improve patient safety?

The Market

Healthcare Providers are always aiming to protect patients and improve in-care experience, while delivering affordable care.  To meet this triple aim of healthcare improvement in the digital age, product master data is a key enabler.

There has been an increased demand for ‘trusted’ master data by healthcare providers to help improve patient safety and affordable care.  The growth and diversity of government regulatory requirements across regions, combined with policymaker demands for data consistency to meet regulatory requirements and ensure patient satisfaction adds additional stress.

Healthcare professionals need ‘trusted’ data that is complete, accurate, and accessible.  Sourcing this product data from suppliers is the new frontier for e-health and must be done in a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable manner, yet still improve patient care and safety.

The Challenges

It’s a challenge for Healthcare Providers to source, validate, and maintain trusted product data needed to streamline supply chain and clinical operations to ensure patient safety.  Further, they are challenged to share this validated product information and accurate master data through clinician and supply chain processes.

Additionally, it’s difficult to keep pace with global and country-level regulatory requirements across regions and there aren’t many affordable solutions that can scale to manage and distribute ‘validated’ product data to a growing number of business applications and digital processes.

The Solution

Innovit’s scalable master data management solutions improve your inventory management and deliver patient care by aggregating trusted product data from different sources such as the GDSN, supplier portals, and more.

Innovit’s purpose-built solution enables healthcare providers to source and validate product data that can be trusted by supply chain and clinical personnel.  The company’s repeatable and proven process model delivers best practices in supply chain and clinical performance.

Innovit has worked with leading global healthcare providers including Mayo Clinic, Southern Cross Hospitals, and South Australia Health to develop scalable product data management processes which enable healthcare providers to deliver best practices in supply chain and clinical performance.


Partners in Healthcare

At Innovit, our commitment to the Healthcare industry is strengthened by our network of partners.  We collaborate with fellow thought leaders, industry experts, regulatory agencies, data pools, and global data standards bodies to help you solve the most challenging problems surrounding master data management and data compliance.  Our global partners include: MedTech Europe, GS1 Global Healthcare, Atrify, USDM, HTG.

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