NPI Workflow Automation

Collaborate, communicate and automate on every new product development launch

The Challenge

Many companies struggle with New Product Development (NPD) and New Product Introduction (NPI) processes that are inefficient, slow, costly and error-prone, especially in today’s omnichannel environment.

There are consistent and persistent issues that affect your company’s confidence in the product data it collects and publishes at every stage of the process.

Difficulties include:

  • Inability to define and share planned tasks, workflows and milestones
  • Fragmentation of product data across different departments and teams
  • Manual and error-prone data entry and maintenance
  • Undefined, inefficient and non-repeatable collaboration processes
  • Delayed product launches
  • Lack of reporting to monitor and improve KPIs

The Solution

Innovit provides a complete solution for an efficient, end-to-end new product launch process that orchestrates the capture, validation and exchange of product data across multiple stakeholders to ensure that each product’s data is captured, validated and shared with all stakeholders so that the product and associated data is delivered to the customer on time and in accordance with all specifications and requirements.

Innovit’s 100% configurable solution supports the planning, configuration, execution, monitoring and reporting of NPI processes.  Combining the best features of Microsoft Visio, Project, Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint and JBPM, the solution automates the complex activities of collaboration, communication and product data capture, helping companies turn new ideas into great products.  With control and flexibility to define processes at the enterprise level, your company can easily model its processes to continuously improve, iterate and standardize.  This leads to increasingly effective and efficient development and launch of new products that give your company a competitive advantage.

Visual Workflow Design

A centralized workbench that helps you design and manage collaborative workflow activities. 

Simple user interface is driven by ‘drag & drop’ features for designing process flows – just like Microsoft Visio.

Automated Task Routing

Flowcharts are transformed in executable processes, where tasks are automatically routed between actors in order to make collaboration effortless. 

Communications is automated by system generated notifications to minimize ‘dead time’.

Monitor & Report

Animated dashboards and graphical reporting that help the NPI process owner keep their ‘fingers on the pulse’. 

Real-time Gantt charts and animated graphs help highlight bottlenecks and ‘stuck tasks’.

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