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Innovit Support Center

As part of our continuous improvement to customer service, we are excited to launch Innovit’s new “Help Center”.


In order to benefit from this new support platform, we recommend that all your support requests be submitted using the form below.

Once your support request is submitted, you will automatically receive our ‘welcome & onboarding’ message to create your personal credentials to access the Help Center. Once logged in, you can view your requests & tickets online. You can also respond directly via email to our iSupport team’s messages, and be assured that all such email responses will be logged in our Help Center.

We welcome, and look forward to, any feedback or suggestions for improvements that you may have – just select the ‘feedback category’ in your form entry below.

As our valued user, we trust you will enjoy this new Help Center experience!

+61 2 8020 2050 (Technical Support)