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Looking for flexible working arrangements?

We give our globally distributed team the flexibility to work from home or a COVID safe office.

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In the beginning…

Since our inception, Innovit has solved problems in master data management and master data exchange for global organizations, with a strong focus on the Life Science and Consumer Products industries. From 2014, we expanded our capabilities to provide data management solutions for Healthcare Providers. We recognized that medical device manufacturers were overwhelmed with the complexities of managing their product data and high volumes of product catalogs. As regulatory and customer compliance mandates skyrocketed, so too did the need for a cost-effective and scalable solution to deliver ‘trusted’ master data to regulatory authorities and healthcare providers.

Today, we have a single-minded vision to change the way medical products manufacturers, distributors, GPOs and hospitals manage their product master data. Because we realized that in order to ensure patient safety, both hospitals and manufacturers need to get their data right not just once – but continuously as a sustainable mission-critical process!

We love what we do! We’re gratified to know that our customers are assured that their master data can be trusted and high quality, enabling them to deliver key data to those healthcare professionals and consumers who need it most. It is this passion that drives us to excel at MDM, PIM, GDSN and UDI across the healthcare supply chain.

“We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading medical device and healthcare organizations and are confident that our software solutions can deliver the unparalleled master data quality to help ensure patient safety.”
Bang Chau, VP Business Development & co founder.
A Culture of Excellent

Authentic leadership, a strong employee experience, and the focus on disruptive innovation in developing high-quality software is what creates the culture of excellence in our team.

A Culture of Diversity

We bring together a diverse group of professionals whose talents and ideas help make us the leader in our industry. Together, we foster an environment of creativity and diversity that crosses many cultures, countries and time zones.

A Culture of Talent

We know a company is only as exceptional as the people in it. That’s why we’re committed to hiring the best talent possible. Whether it’s engineering, quality assurance, product management, sales, marketing, consulting support, IT or finance, our team is comprised of high achievers in their respective fields.

Focused on Quality

Our talent delivers on the Innovit commitment to high-quality software and services. As a company, we continuously measure ourselves to drive performance to 4SD (standard deviations) above commonly accepted standards, 99.99% availability for SaaS products, and an unrivalled user experience.

Dat D. Hoang
Associate Development Manager
“Working at Innovit is a continuous learning experience. Innovit has products that I feel passionate to work with, challenges that stretch me into different areas, opportunities that encourage me to grow and a great team spirit that drives the company to success.”
Janelle Wright
Project Manager
“At Innovit I work with clients on implementations and planning to set expectation for delivery of the project. I value the high-level of customer care at Innovit. Further, I enjoy the work-life balance at Innovit and when not working love being a mother of two adult children, cooking, dancing & playing with my poodle.”
Mohammed El hassan
Head of Design
“A very rewarding place to work with good challenges to solve as a designer and flexible working arrangements to allow for remote work. Come join our growing team.”
Jesha Sauer
Strategic Account Manager
"Innovit offers a challenging yet fun work environment. It’s refreshing to be part of a team that constantly innovates, works together and also cares about each other."

The Innovit Vibe

For the company to grow, develop, and maintain its competitive position in an ever-changing global environment, it is important that employees get the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. Innovit’s innovative culture encourages growth and career development. We offer an environment of transparency, freedom of ideation and an open-door policy of communication. We encourage and reward those with a thirst for knowledge, who think big and possess a zeal for radical, practical innovation.

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