Leveraging GDSN for e-commerce success

GDSN – Refresher

The Global Data Synchronization Network® (GDSN®) comprises a group of interconnected and interoperable databases, called ‘data pools’, that are certified to comply with GS1 standards for sharing product data.  A data pool is an online industry database which holds product master data published by suppliers for the benefit of their trading partner who is authorized to receive this ‘trusted’ data for supply chain and commercial transaction purposes.

Developed by GS1, GDSN standards provide a common language for ecommerce across the supply chain.  The data is synchronized in real-time, making it possible for product suppliers to publish details about their products to their trading partners around the globe immediately.  To be effective, data quality must be high, requiring that all master data entered into the system be validated and secured.

GDSN – The Impact

According to GS1, GDSN benefits include eliminating manual processes, reducing transaction errors, and cutting the time & cost needed to distribute product data. It also makes trusted product information more easily accessible to end customers in real time and facilitates compliance with healthcare and food quality standards. Faster, more convenient access to product information can help bring new products to market more quickly.

GDSN – Leverage for eCommerce Success

E-Commerce provides unprecedented access to a wide selection of products, immediate insight into functionality and user reviews, comparisons with related items, and in some cases, same-day delivery.

Getting your products on as many screens as possible provides greater visibility and profitability. But to do so means managing, optimizing and accelerating the syndication of your product master data.  Manufacturers and suppliers that fail to provide consistent and contextual experiences across all of their marketing channels stand to lose customers and revenue.

By leveraging GDSN to be the source of trusted data, companies can more effectively fuel the online product listings and seamless ecommerce experiences that consumers have come to expect.

Next Steps

Fortunately, Innovit’s PIM solutions provide rich capabilities to manage product attributes, catalogs and digital assets enabling them to meet and exceed growing customer expectations.

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