Hosting Features

hosting features

Hosting Features

Innovit has global partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and TechData in offering different types of hosting services. The Innovit hosted environments are maintained and managed by TechData using Amazon’s state-of-the-art data centres around the world.
Innovit provides three types of hosting services to meet the unique industry and organisational demands of our customers & partners.


Available across all plans

Your organisation enjoys the use of a shared virtual server, a shared instance of the Operating System (Windows), and a shared DBMS (SQL Server). You will share an instance of the JEE Application Server software (JBoss) and Innovit’s MDM/Workflow applications. Your data will be segregated by the Innovit application, and not by the DBMS or Operating System. Your data is secured behind the server’s firewall from unauthorised users, but it is mingled in with the data from other companies that share this instance of the Innovit MDM/Workflow application.

A standard ‘shared environment’ will be comprised of the following specifications:
• Windows Server
• SQL Server
• 3 GB of data storage for business data
• 5 GB of upload & download of data traffic per month
• Daily managed backup
• Fully managed shared redundant firewall
• System maintenance and 24×7 monitoring
• 24-months minimum contract