Workflows Features

Workflow Features

Innovit NPI workflow management is a platform for managing processes that involve multiple steps and stakeholders such as New Product Development (NPD) and New Product Introduction (NPI). These processes are defined by activities that require collaboration between many people across different departments. Within the Innovit Workflow Management application, business users can design their NPD and NPI processes through a graphical drag-and drop interface. For each process, staff collaboration is systematically managed, communication is automated and task sequencing is controlled. Key milestones including task progress and project status are carefully monitored and reported graphically to stakeholders. This provides full visibility and assurance that every product launch is delivered in a controlled manner. It also provides organisations with the foundation to evaluate internal business processes and eliminate bottlenecks for continuous improvement.


• Ability to create templates for standard processes
• Drag-and-drop interface for process design (similar to MS Visio)
• Serial, parallel and nested processes
• Human and system tasks
• Human and automated system decisions

Task Management

• Data enrichment and approval tasks
• Task assignment to users or roles
• Dynamic routing of tasks based on conditions
• Task duration configuration and monitoring


• Notification Automated task notification via email and application inbox
• Automated recurring reminders
• Automated pending due reminders
• Automated overdue reminders
• Escalation policies

Data Enrichment

• Personalised templates for data enrichment
• User or role specific attributes
• Real-time data validation


• Personalised e-forms for review and approval
• Commenting capability
• Electronic Signature (e-Signature)


• Out-of-the box reporting capabilities
• Workflow statistics summary
• Average time by task
• Workflow progress Gantt Chart
• Missing data and rework by task
• Outstanding by group and outstanding by task analysis
• Workflow resource load per group