Omni-Channel Data Syndication

100% user-configurable workflow management platform to help optimise processes, minimise inefficiencies, preserve resources and improve MDM/PIM.
Regulatory & Commercial Data Exchange!
Innovit’s Global Data Syndication Hub provides the broadest coverage for product data exchange around the world in terms of:

Publishing commercial data to trading partners that include distributors, GPOs and hospitals.
Submitting UDI data to regulatory agencies that include FDA, EU Commission, China NMPA etc.
This is your single gateway for regulatory and commercial data compliance, which is critical if your company sells medical products globally ~ across many countries and target markets.

Features & Benefits


Pre-configured connectors to all major GDSN-compliant data pools including 1WorldSync, atrify, GHX, NPC, Syndigo and TrueSource that enable global data synchronization with recipient-specific product attributes.

Out-of-the-box connectors to UDI databases across the globe including FDA’s GUDID, Europe’s EUDAMED and China’s UDID.

Easily Integrated

Easily integrate to PLM, ERP, RIM and other systems to source the relevant master data using configurable message/file formats.

Supports AS2 gateways and AS4 Access Points for message delivery using all required XML formats including the GS1 XML for GDSN, HL7 SPL for GUDID, and SOAP XML for EUDAMED.


Built for scalability to manage and validate thousands product attributes required to support global markets. Each GDSN Connector is certified for publishing data using GS1 standards.

Each UDI Connector is approved for M2M data exchange with regulatory databases, and updated to comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

Paul has extensive experience in helping clients meet their regulatory needs using data and technology. He is passionate about driving efficiencies and bottom line savings for his clients and enjoys bringing new ideas to the table as part of his efforts to build ongoing trusted relationships.

In his free time Paul can be found outside, tending to his house and garden or out in country lanes with friends on his road bike.