Healthcare Providers

Are you struggling to source trusted product master data needed to power supply chain analytics, reduce procurement spend, while supporting clinical operations to improve patient safety?

The Market

Healthcare Providers are always aiming to protect patients, improve in-care experience, while delivering affordable care.  To meet this triple aim of healthcare improvement in the digital age, product master data is a key enabler.

Healthcare professionals need this ‘trusted’ product data to enable supply chain analytics, reduce procurement spend, while supporting clinical operations to improve patient safety.  Sourcing trusted data in an efficient and sustainable process is the new frontier for e-health.

The Data Challenges

Healthcare professionals need reliable product data that is complete, accurate, up‑to‑date, and easily accessible.  Sourcing and maintaining ‘trusted’ product data from external parties like suppliers and regulatory agencies is difficult due to the high cost of system integration and the lack of healthcare-specific data standards.

Coupled with these technical IT challenges, the ‘deep knowledge’ required to understand master data makes the task of supply chain analytics and clinical performance optimization very challenging indeed.

The Solution!

Innovit’s scalable master data management solutions maintain, validate and distribute trusted product data to improve supply chain efficiencies and ensure patient safety.

Innovit has worked with the leading global healthcare providers including Mayo Clinic, Southern Cross Hospitals and South Australia Health to reduce procurement spend, improve inventory management and deliver patient care by aggregating trusted product data from different sources such as GDSN, supplier portals and more.

Partners in Healthcare

At Innovit, our commitment to the Healthcare industry is strengthened by our network of partners.  We collaborate with fellow thought leaders, industry experts, regulatory agencies, data pools, and global data standards bodies to help you solve the most challenging problems surrounding master data management and data compliance.  Our global partners include:


MedTech Europe, GS1 Global Healthcare, Atrify, USDM, HTG.


1-click publication of product data to GDSN “out-of-the-box”.


Submit UDI data to EUDAMED for European MDR compliance.


Submit UDI data to GUDID for FDA regulatory compliance.