How the GS1 standards are adopted across the world!

by Innovit Corporate Affairs | October 21, 2017 | Blog

For brand manufacturers and suppliers, to achieve business efficiencies, they need to ensure that their products align with GS1 standards, and ensure product data is synchronised with trading partners via GDSN data pools such as the National Product Catalogue (NPC).

Data Recipients (retailers, distributors and healthcare agencies) must ensure they are ‘effective data recipients’ of the NPC in order to enhance the catalogue data within their legacy ERP systems being published from the supplier community.

It’s one thing to talk about what needs to be done, but its actions that show what can ultimately be

In New Zealand, the hardware sector has been promoting the value of GS1 systems and solutions including the NPC. With over 130 suppliers ‘NPC live’, Mitre 10 and ITM are reaping the benefits of having up-to- date, validated and clean product catalogue data in their systems.

Placemakers announce NPC plans

Placemakers have announced plans that they are to become a data recipient of the NPC which is great news for those suppliers who already have NPC catalogues with other merchants. The scheduled go-live date is anticipated to be late 2016. As a GS1 certified solution provider for the NPC, Innovit is perfectly poised to assist suppliers to Placemakers to on-board for the NPC.

As time goes by, the supply chain across multiple industry sectors has evolved into a sophisticated, collaborative, landscape involving omni-channel and e-Commerce solutions. These solutions need to cater for the continuous changes in consumer shopping habits such as online shopping, click and collect, mobile shopping/customer loyalty apps, and the presentation of health regulatory and food standards information.

Global brand manufacturers, Distributors, and Data Recipients are continually being asked to provide more data; better quality data!

Companies such as PlaceMakers, Warehouse Stationery, Fonterra, Johnsons & Johnson, 3M and B. Braun trust Innovit for MDM, PIM and NPC solutions.

If your company is struggling to support the data requirements of your trading partners, please speak to Innovit about our Trading Partner Data Analysis Program. analysis-program