Innovit PIM


Today’s digitally empowered consumers engage with multiple channels over their buying journey whether it’s looking for recommendations on websites, checking prices on mobile phones or examining the product in brick-and-mortar stores. Cross-channel engagement extends beyond the buying process where consumers also expect customer service and product support to be delivered through a channel of their choice. This reality has placed tremendous pressure on organizations to increase their brand awareness, drive sales and provide service across multiple customer touch points. A fundamental impediment to realizing this vision is the lack of centralized and reliable product data to drive critical business processes across multiple channels. Innovit’s Product Information Management solution addresses this challenge by enabling organizations to centrally manage, localize, validate and syndicate product data to all customer facing channels as well as back-end applications, thereby enabling an efficient and scalable omni-channel commerce experience.

Innovit PIM


  • Fragmentation of product data across different systems
  • High variability of product data for different channels, target markets and trading partners
  • Inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent data
  • Manual and error-prone processes
  • Inaccurate and unreliable business analytics and reports

“Innovit Product Information Management delivers reliable product data to all customer touch points and internal business processes.”


Innovit Product Information Management empowers organizations to use a single application to define, manage, govern, localize and publish product data to multiple channels internally and externally. Flexible import templates provide the ability to on-board product and catalog data from multiple sources including suppliers and distributors. Dynamic and highly configurable workflows allow different internal and external users to collaborate on product definition during New Product Introduction (NPI) and change management processes. Native data quality capabilities and business rule validations ensure product data is accurate, complete and fit-for-purpose throughout the product lifecycle. Finally, flexible export formats and pre-packaged templates allow the syndication of relevant product data to trading partners and internal business applications in the applicable message format and desired frequency

Innovit PIM


Data On-Boarding Self-service vendor portal
Flexible import templates and product new line forms
Multiple import file formats (e.g. Excel, XML, CSV)
Automated import from suppliers and internal systems
Data Quality Standardization
Real-time business rule validation
Data Maintenance Product, catalog and digital asset maintenance
Taxonomy, hierarchy and relationship management
Attribute and attribute value inheritance
GUI and file based bulk maintenance
Powerful keyword and advanced search
Visual item compare and merge
  User configurable ‘personalized’ data and views
Data Governance
Configurable graphical workflow for new product
introduction (NPI) and change management
  Versioning and audit trail with ability to roll-back
  Granular role-based security
  Data quality reports and dashboards
Data Publication
Flexible export templates for products and catalogs
  Multiple output file formats (e.g. Excel, XML, CSV, iDoc)
  Automated export to trading partners and internal systems


Different hosting options are available through Innovit for PIM customers.

  • Hybrid Cloud: Shared server but dedicated environment
  • Public Cloud: Multi-tenanted with shared server and shared environment
  • Private Cloud: Dedicated server and dedicated environment


  • Harmonize omni-channel processes with reliable product data
  • Accelerate time to market and increase sales
  • Enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Improve order management and supply chain efficiency