Introducing MDM.Cloud

by Innovit Corporate Affairs | October 12, 2021 | Blog

We’re excited to introduce you to Innovit’s next-generation solution, for the Australian market! Current iICE Validator customers can take advantage of our system upgrade NOW! for NPC was initially created for the National Product Catalogue publications use case, and is intended to replace the iICE Validator system which will become unsupported by the end of November 2021.

As a current iICE Validator customer, you get to upgrade to our solution at no cost. is a cloud-based, agile, scalable platform that will make your job easier today! You can get started quickly and access your easily via any web browser (anywhere/anytime) and manage your entire catalog seamlessly.

Benefits of

  • Improved user experience including data maintenance and validation.
  • Modernized and easy to use interface that is accessible via the cloud.
  • Simplified process for managing, validating and exchanging trusted item and price data.
  • Reduced costs, risks and increased efficiencies for customers – enabling them to reimagine their business in incredibly innovative ways by improving product masters data management.


Current iICE Validator customers can take advantage of a free upgrade to, an agile, scalable platform that will make your job easier today! Contact our iSupport team if you have questions or need help upgrading!