Master data management solution delivers fast, accurate, error-free data to  NPC and other regulatory bodies

LifeHealthcare leverages Innovit’s master data management solution to maintain, validate and distribute trusted product data to improve supply chain efficiencies and ensure patient safety.

The Customer

LifeHealthcare is a leading independent provider of healthcare solutions in Australia and New Zealand bringing healthcare professional innovative medical devices by partnering with world class companies who share their vision of innovation and making a real difference to people’s lives.

The Challenges

Keeping on top of new and emerging trends in the healthcare industry keeps successful companies from falling behind and helps prepare for the future. LifeHealthcare is one such successful company, known as a leading independent medical device distributor in Asia-Pacific.

They are a modern and collaborative organization, with a laser focus on enhancing patient safety, procedural efficiency, safety for healthcare professionals and contributing to improving clinical outcomes. Yet despite their commitment to technological innovation, the organization was manually managing and publishing their product and pricing data, via Excel spreadsheets, to the National Product Catalog (NPC) – Australia’s single source of item master data for healthcare providers. Perhaps this is manageable with a handful of products, but for LifeHealthcare, with a growing catalog of over 7,000 product codes sourced from over 100 suppliers, this manual process became extremely inefficient, ineffective and with a high possibility of errors.

Product codes required data validation from internal resources, with additional time needed for external review. Done manually via spreadsheets and emails, the process was far more time-consuming and riddled with omissions and inaccurate data entry. How could LifeHealthcare scale from 100’s of product codes to their target of over 10,000 cataloged items accurately and securely?

“Sending spreadsheets and validating the data became an administrative headache,”

“It was a multi-step process that really put us at risk from a compliance perspective. We needed a smarter way of working, especially since we have a huge and growing catalog of products.

The Solutions

LifeHealthcare realized they needed a change and researched many potential master data management solutions. The challenge was finding a tool that would meet both business needs and IT requirements. The team explored a variety of competitive tools, but few were configurable or user-friendly. After months of research, they decided that Innovit was the best fit for a growing entrepreneurial company.

A product demo made it clear that Innovit’s master data management solution was no ordinary tool and a pilot program soon followed. Collaborating as partners, Innovit and LifeHealthcare configured an ideal solution.


“LifeHealthcare submissions have been error free for over a year and now boasts a monthly ‘platinum status’ from Australia’s NPC.

We’ve grown from hundreds of product codes to 12,000. We could not have accommodated that growth without the Innovit MDM solution.”

The Results

The impact was immediate. LifeHealthcare accelerated the process of collecting product master data from suppliers, to publishing pricing catalogs to customers: rather than weeks, it was minutes. The new, digitized solution was fast, accurate, error-free and a productivity boom with lower costs through improved operational efficiency. LifeHealthcare can now submit data to the NPC and other regulatory bodies as their requirements develop with an unparalleled capacity to reuse single source of truth data for multiple purposes.



A critical success factor for any healthcare provider is having the right medical products, at the right time, in the right place, for physicians to provide the services that their patient’s demand. This is only possible with high-quality product data – rich, validated, authentic, accurate, up-to-date and complete. Leveraging product master data via Innovit’s PIM solutions for a highly efficient supply chain helps ensure that every patient has a seamless healthcare experience with a positive outcome.

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