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Onward! A Review of 2022 Meets an Exciting Outlook for 2023 (Part 2)

by Innovit Corporate Affairs | January 4, 2023 | Blog

Welcome back! If you missed our 2022 re-cap in part one of this blog series, you can find it here. If you’re already caught up…

Let’s dig into 2023!  We have some exciting announcements that put smiles on our faces!

  • GDSN Multi-Connector: Innovit’s GDSN Multi-Connector enables suppliers to publish product data to multiple data pools across different markets via a single solution which is certified by 1WorldSync, atrify, NPC, TrueSource, and many GS1 member organizations.   This system comes pre-configured with GDSN attributes and data validations that are compliant with all of the major data pools, as well as item and price data synchronization capabilities.  Meet GS1 data standards in multiple target markets!
  • eCommerce Website: Look for our new eCommerce website in 2023, which will provide an easy way to renew your license subscription, download invoices and account statements as well as automate payments.  This new website will improve customer response, and help our customers self-service with greater efficiency and confidence.
  • Zendesk tools are now fully embedded into all Innovit systems for integrated customer support.
  • GDSN Reference Center: We plan to launch our GDSN Reference Center, which will contain a wealth of online resources and tools to help you understand and leverage GDSN standards more easily and cost-effectively.  Innovit has been diligently collecting data, creating content, and developing our website infrastructure to provide the latest GDSN information specific to Healthcare industry participants.


We look forward to sharing our journey with you in 2023 and for many years to come!