Our co-existence process

Welcome to our co-existence status page where you can find all the information you need to understand the shift between the new Genesis platform from our legacy iICE platform. As we transition functions to our new Genesis platform you may from time-to-time need to use the legacy iICE platform to fulfil some core functions. this ‘transitional’ UL will allow you to perform system administration functions in our legacy iICE UI, and still have these changes system configuration reflected in the Genesis platform. both platforms co-exist and you can track the migration process of the functionality set for iICE to Genesis on this dedicated page. We have included a timeline of upcoming releases and access to our user forum where you can discuss all things Genesis related.


Track when new features go live on the Genesis platform and prepare for the shoft to the new UI in your business



E-signature module

Approvals via e-signature are now in the Genesis platform. This update impact the 2 stage workflow of release to publication and the 3 stage workflow which includes import conversions.

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