The Genesis of Innovit

A Culture of Success

Authentic leadership ~ an inspiring employee experience, focus on disruptive innovation, high-quality engineering practices, and discipline for continuous improvement ~ is what creates the Culture of Excellence which propels Innovit to perform at 4SD (4 standard deviations above our industry peers).

A Culture of Diversity

We bring together a diverse group of people whose talents, insights, perspectives, and ideas help make Innovit the leader in our category of software.  We lead by fostering an environment of creativity, tolerance, respect and conversation across many cultures, nationalities and time zones.

A Culture of Talent

A company can only be as exceptional as its people ~ that’s why we hire only the best talent.  Whether it’s product engineering, quality assurance, customer service or sales & marketing, our team is built by high achievers in their profession.  It is this Culture of Talent which delivers on Innovit’s commitment to quality software & services.

Bruck Assefa
Director of Product Management
“Our talented team strive every day to deliver on Innovit's commitment ~ high-quality software and services. As a company, we continuously measure ourselves to drive performance at 4SD ~ four standard deviations above industry norms. This equates to 99.9% availability for SaaS products, plus an unrivalled user experience! ”
Francine Harris
Director of Content Marketing
“Today more than ever, it’s so important to do interesting and meaningful hands-on work. When we know we’re making an impact in the healthcare community and the well-being of patients everywhere, that’s deeply rewarding! ”