The Genesis of Innovit

Our Story

What began in January 2000 as a system to manage enterprise-wide catalog content for a market-leading parts distributor, is now a global organization with offices in San Francisco, London, Sydney and Auckland.

In 1998, Innovit’s founders were working for JD Edwards (JDE) and implementing a new global ERP system to replace four legacy business systems for a medical device manufacturer.  The project team, which was based in United Kingdom and Sweden, had to cleanse and merge multiple item master files with over 55,000 products that were maintained in 17 languages.  Cleansing this master data was a prerequisite for both the JDE project go-live and to enable real-time e-commerce via EDI ordering – for just-in-time (JIT) delivery of radioactive imaging products to anywhere in the world!

Not surprisingly, the cost of this data cleansing effort exceeded £3,000,000 and consumed 50,000+ hours in labor.  As the project neared completion, it became evident to the client that their ‘cleansed’ product master data was already becoming out-of-date. The Innovit founders knew there had to be a better way to solve these two problems simultaneously.  That is, to cleanse product data cost-effectively, while maintaining master data quality ~ whether it’s for enabling JIT e‑commerce, ERP system replacement, or the publication of e-catalogs.

This was the genesis of Innovit.

Since our inception, Innovit has solved problems in master data management and master data exchange for global organizations, with a strong emphasis on the Life Science and Consumer Products industries.  We recognized that medical device manufacturers were overwhelmed with the complexities of managing high volumes of product data and electronic catalogs.  As regulatory and customer compliance mandates exploded, so too did the need for a cost-effective and scalable solution to deliver ‘trusted’ master data to regulatory authorities and healthcare providers.  It was from this realization about the criticality of product data and its pivotal role across the Healthcare supply chain, that in 2014, we expanded our solution capabilities to provide master data management systems for Healthcare Providers.

Today, we have a single-minded vision to change the way medical products manufacturers, distributors, GPOs and hospitals manage their product master data.  To ensure and improve patient safety, both hospitals and medical products suppliers need to get their master data right ~ not just once, but continuously, as a sustained mission-critical process for every organization across the Healthcare supply chain!

Focus on Quality

“We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading medical device and healthcare organizations who rely on Innovit software to deliver the trusted master data for optimizing supply chain operations and clinical performance.”

Bang Chau, VP Business Development & Cofounder.

A Culture of Success

Authentic leadership ~ an inspiring employee experience, focus on disruptive innovation, high-quality engineering practices, and discipline for continuous improvement ~ is what creates the Culture of Excellence which propels Innovit to perform at 4SD (4 standard deviations above our industry peers).

A Culture of Diversity

We bring together a diverse group of people whose talents, insights, perspectives, and ideas help make Innovit the leader in our category of software.  We lead by fostering an environment of creativity, tolerance, respect and conversation across many cultures, nationalities and time zones.

A Culture of Talent

A company can only be as exceptional as its people ~ that’s why we hire only the best talent.  Whether it’s product engineering, quality assurance, customer service or sales & marketing, our team is built by high achievers in their profession.  It is this Culture of Talent which delivers on Innovit’s commitment to quality software & services.

Francine Harris

“Today more than ever, it’s so important to do interesting and meaningful hands-on work. When we know we’re making an impact in the healthcare community and the well-being of patients everywhere, that’s deeply rewarding! ”

Bruck Assefa

“Our talented team strive every day to deliver on Innovit’s commitment ~ high-quality software and services. As a company, we continuously measure ourselves to drive performance at 4SD ~ four standard deviations above industry norms. This equates to 99.9% availability for SaaS products, plus an unrivalled user experience! ”

Our Culture

For our company to succeed in competitive, ever-changing global markets, we believe it is our imperative to foster these core values ~ meritocracy, freedom of ideation, the pursuit of bold & radical innovation, data-driven decision-making, enthusiasm for continuous improvement, open & transparent communications, and tolerance & respect for diversity. We encourage and reward those with a thirst for knowledge, who are diligent & fearless of failure, and who can think big ~ with a zeal for new ideas!