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Transparency.   Patient Safety.   Compliance.

We understand the complexity of managing and sharing validated regulatory data required to meet the ever-evolving global regulatory compliance deadlines and commercial requirements of healthcare providers. The ever-evolving global regulatory compliance deadlines and commercial requirements of healthcare providers create additional confusion and difficulty.

Take full control of your compliance processes with a purpose-built and proven solution for global UDI compliance.

Innovit is more than an insurance policy for data accuracy and compliance!

  • Simplify the management and sharing of validated regulatory data with hospitals, GPOs, and regulators around the world with a global, scalable solution
  • Cleanse and validate your data to ensure patient safety by providing high-quality data
  • Partner with the leader in global healthcare compliance and regulation
  • Leverage a single source of truth to easily share validated product data at a lower cost of ownership

Features & Benefits

Data Aggregation

User-friendly, graphical tools to import, aggregate, cleanse and standardize product master data from multiple source systems e.g. ERP and PLM systems.

Validate product data based on pre-packaged healthcare industry standards, or internal user-configured business rules, to ensure data accuracy, integrity and relevance.

Workflow Automation

Drag & drop functionality (like Microsoft Visio) to design user-configurable workflows that govern how collaborative activities around product data maintenance, review and approval activities can be orchestrated systematically.

Automated execution, monitoring and reporting of collaborative workflow tasks without the need for manual human coordination and administration.

Personalize & Publish

User-configurable data export templates for syndicating highly personalized product data and catalogs using all major output file or message formats (e.g. Excel, XML, CSV, iDoc, Ariba CIF).

Built-in graphical task scheduling tools to automate product data syndication to external trading partners, or internal systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, eCommerce, inventory management, supply chain analytics).

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Jesha Sauer
PIM Expert

Jesha is well versed at helping customers solve their regulatory compliance and patient safety concerns through Trusted Data. She begins each day committed to helping them achieve and exceed their business goals.

When she’s not busy solving customer problems you can find her knee-deep in DIY projects (anything from crocheting a blanket to restoring old furniture)!

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