Success Spotlight: GPC Asia Pacific (Repco)

by Innovit Corporate Affairs | August 26, 2019 | Blog

Today’s Success Spotlight

With over 13,000,000 vehicle parts relationships, GPC Asia Pacific (Repco), a leading provider of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories, manages a catalog of over 1,300,000 items with approximately 50,000 vehicle makes/models.  Using legacy systems, it was impossible to share vehicle data and parts information across all business units.

Catalog maintenance was extremely cumbersome and inefficient. Simple tasks, such as branding and promotions, required weeks of data preparation by the cataloging department.  The company needed a strategy to improve its catalog management processes and eliminate the duplication of effort in parts research and data maintenance. There was also the need to improve customer service and sales execution by providing rich catalog content to all store level staff.  In addition, the Marketing Department needed a system to manage all images and digital assets.

Want to learn more about how GPC Asia Pacific improved the quality, accuracy and richness of their catalog content across all business units, read the full case study here!