GPOs and Healthcare Distributors

Are you struggling to source accurate, up-to-date and standardized product data from suppliers, while delivering personalized catalogs to customers that can be ‘trusted’ and relied upon for supply chain analytics, spend analysis, order fulfilment logistics and inventory management?

The Market

GPOs and medical products distributors play a crucial role in the healthcare supply chain by reducing the cost of procurement and logistics.  These organizations reduce supply chain costs by aggregating purchase volume across buying organizations like hospitals and clinics to drive efficiencies in purchasing and order fulfilment.

As the digitization of healthcare supply chain accelerates, GPOs and distributors are faced with challenges to offer end-to-end order fulfillment and delivery logistics?

The Data Challenges

It’s difficult to source and maintain comprehensive, accurate, standardized, and ‘validated’ master data about products and vendors needed to continue driving down healthcare supply chain costs while delivering higher value services to your healthcare customers. On the sales and delivery front, producing rich and personalized ordering catalogs is critical to improving the buying experience for their customers, and fundamental to remaining relevant in the digital health supply chain.     

The Solution!

Innovit’s Product Information Management (PIM) solutions that are tailored for Healthcare organizations, allow GPOs and Distributors to source, cleanse, enrich, workflow, personalize and publish ‘trusted’ product data and produce e-catalogs to customers that rely on this essential supply chain data for procurement and order fulfilment logistics.

 Partners in Healthcare

At Innovit, our commitment to the Healthcare industry is strengthened by our network of partners.  We collaborate with fellow thought leaders, industry experts, regulatory agencies, data pools, and global data standards bodies to help you solve the most challenging problems surrounding master data management and data compliance.  Our global partners include:

MedTech Europe, GS1 Global Healthcare, Atrify, USDM, HTG.


1-click publication of product data to GDSN “out-of-the-box”.


Submit regulatory UDI data for European MDR compliance.


Submit UDI data for FDA compliance UDI compliance

Meeting the Challenges of new Device Regulations?

Case study introductions for Innovit’s Life Science customers.

Manage and syndicate your 'trusted' master data to ALL systems and healthcare professionals!