Global UDI Timeline

Your Critical Path to UDI Key dates around the world!

This page is a summary of UDI compliance deadlines at the country level. As each country’s regulator makes changes to their implementation timelines, we will update this page. Mark this page in your favorites to keep track of developments.  

Country-specific UDI Requirements



Countries in the planning phase

Canada Health Canada

June 2021: Canada submitted a proposal to introduce a UDI system based off three components in the IMDRF framework.

  1. UDIs would be based on global standards
  2. UDIs would be applied to the label of medical devices sold in Canada and their associated packaging
  3.  Information about medical devices would have to be submitted to a UDI database for the purpose of information sharing

Japan PMDA

2008 Mar – Guideline for Barcode Labeling
2019 Dec 04 – PMD Act requires barcode labels and registration

Efforts in Japan have been focused on barcodes/labeling, but they continue to work toward harmonizing their requirements with international recognized UDI regulations and standards.

Colombia INVIMA

Ongoing Medical Device UDI preparation; Plan to launch a country-specific guidance; Not expected to follow IMDRF UDI recommendations


2022 Jan 01 (To Be Confirmed) – UDI Placed on Labels (may be delayed due to COVID)