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What is PIM Software and How Can It Help You?

by Innovit Corporate Affairs | October 29, 2018 | Blog

Once upon a time, businesses had to keep paper files detailing everything about their products and customers. But when the internet came into the picture, that all changed.  Now, businesses are finding ways to manage vast amounts of data electronically. One of the most convenient methods is through PIM software.

Do you sell products through several channels and have a seemingly endless amount of information to track?  Then it’s time to learn about PIM software and its many benefits for businesses.


What Is PIM Software?

Product Information Management (PIM) software has a number of tools or programs that go by a variety of names:

  • Personal Information Manager
  • Personal Information Management
  • Product Image Manager
  • Product Data Manager

All of these tools have the same purpose. They compile everything about a company’s products and customers into one organized program on the computer.  Any information necessary to market and sell products is stored in software suites. This software is perused by members of the company and updated regularly. In this way, businesses can store and alter data as needed to execute daily tasks.


The Purpose

When stored in one location, product and customer information remains uniform across channels.  Marketers and manufacturers, for instance, refer to the same information. If something is updated, the changes are reflected in real-time for everyone involved to see. The data stored is broad in nature, encompassing anything having to do with selling and marketing:

  • Customer information
  • SKUs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Reference numbers

Using this data, PIM programs can even schedule reminders for companies.  The purpose of compiling this data is to make it easily accessible for everyone involved in the selling and marketing process. Because of this feature, cross-channel distribution is enhanced and errors are minimized.


Who Benefits?

Large companies with hefty amounts of data can greatly benefit from PIM software. However, even small companies will be astounded at the numerous advantages. The ideal business:

  • Sells and markets a wide range of products
  • Works with multiple channels to sell items
  • Is comprised of many teams
  • Wishes to enhance the communication among employees and channels within its ranks

How Can It Help My Organization?

Product Information Management can help every business. Regardless of a company’s size, PIM organizes documents into a manageable and easily accessible format. From decreasing errors to boosting productivity, it’s sure to help your company, as well.


Sifting through thousands of unorganized files for one piece of information takes time away from actual work. Using personal information manager software allows employees to quickly access the information they need to complete tasks.  Within these programs, searching for information and updating is a simple process. Furthermore, errors are reduced across channels because all units utilize the same documents to retrieve information. This minimizes the risk of errors in marketing and promoting products or in contacting consumers.

Cost Savings

The reduction of errors means companies spend less on mistakes affecting customer satisfaction. The accurate information lessens the chance of sharing incorrect product information. Delivery methods, purchasing procedures, and appropriately-stocked inventories are all optimized using the data in PIMs. As a result, customers receive the highest-quality care possible.Furthermore, because PIM solutions are easy to integrate, companies save money on management and manual forms of marketing.

Unit Growth

In addition to the simplicity and convenience PIM software offers, businesses can easily assess the efficiency of teams and units. If one unit is excelling, its data can be shared with less efficient decision-making units to foster growth.The software allows for not just the sharing of data, but growth from others deciphering that information, as well.

Brand Loyalty

Approximately 45% of product returns are because consumers received the wrong item or because the item did not fit the appearances portrayed on the seller’s page. PIMs encourage accurate information across all channels. This leads to high-quality customer-business relationships. Customers know exactly what they are receiving, reducing the chances of returns. If a customer receives exactly what he or she wants, it increases the chances of that buyer returning to your company for other products. Therefore, personal information manager software is an easy way to increase your brand’s reputation and your consumer base.


Obviously, one of the greatest benefits of PIM software is in marketing. By quickly and securely accessing consumer and product information, marketing teams ensure they form positive relationships with customers. This information also increases the ability to provide personalized suggestions to customers based on their data. In turn, that encourages them to purchase goods.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Does it feel as if news crawls across the different distributors you work with, leaving a few lagging behind with inaccurate information?  That is a problem of the past with product information management solutions. Instead, every team, manufacturer, distributor and channel is up-to-speed. If a product is updated, all units can see it and stay on the same page.

Reach Milestones

Through information management software, businesses track their progress to finally reach the milestones they have been working towards.  Owners can keep an eye on their products, their teams and everyone’s productivity. If growth in one area stagnates, the data is available to find out why.  In this way, the company continues to optimize its progress and grow towards the future rather than being overwhelmed in the present.


Finally, there is the simple matter that everything is in one area. It’s easy to search, access, update, find and share documents. The collaboration these solutions offer is seamless. It makes life easier not only on employees but on teams, management, consumers and the company as a whole.

Leap Towards the Future

It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data currently crushing you and your business’s progress. Instead, let’s work together to wrangle that data into a form that’s not only manageable but easy to work with. If you’re ready to integrate a powerful and successful PIM software program into your company’s future, contact us for the solution you need.

It’s time to conquer the data and use it to step into the future