EUDAMED Technical
Specification & Documentation

EUDAMED Technical Specification & Documentation

Release Date
The new release updates some functionalities for the users of the UDI/Device and Certificates modules of EUDAMED. The following are known issues that have been reported that will be prioritized and addressed in the coming period.
9 Sep, 2022
This document outlines a brief overview of the main new features in EUDAMED v2.0 compared to the previous production release.
1 Sep, 2022
Data Dictionary
28 Oct, 2022
Business Data Dictionary
28 Oct, 2022
September 2021 MTE Feedback Playground With Responses From EUDAMED Team
9 Sep, 2022
Internal Section - Delete Before Publication
28 May, 2022
This "Business Rules" document contains the constraints, limitations and business rules that drive the implementation of EUDAMED.
9 Sep, 2022
This "Enumerations" document contains the value lists for drop down elements and lists where a limited set of values can be selected.
9 Sep, 2022