EUDAMED Technical
Specification & Documentation

EUDAMED Technical Specification & Documentation

Release Date
The new release updates some functionalities for the users of the UDI/Device and Certificates modules of EUDAMED. The following are known issues that have been reported that will be prioritized and addressed in the coming period.
9 Sep, 2023
This document outlines a brief overview of the main new features in EUDAMED v2.0 compared to the previous production release.
1 Sep, 2023
Data Dictionary
28 Oct, 2023
Business Data Dictionary
28 Oct, 2023
September 2021 MTE Feedback Playground With Responses From EUDAMED Team
9 Sep, 2023
Internal Section - Delete Before Publication
28 May, 2023
This "Business Rules" document contains the constraints, limitations and business rules that drive the implementation of EUDAMED.
9 Sep, 2023
This "Enumerations" document contains the value lists for drop down elements and lists where a limited set of values can be selected.
9 Sep, 2023

Featured White Paper

EUDAMED FAQ For Compliance

Today, Medical Device manufacturers are staring down the barrel of a number of critical compliance deadlines specific to EUDAMED (European Database for Medical Devices) and you need to know the processes and systems that can simplify this journey. This eBook is intended to serve as a reference tool and mini-guide book as your team navigates the complexities of Medical Device Regulations (EU-MDR).