Why eCommerce Success Demands GDSN Connectors

by Innovit Product Team | April 25, 2019 | Blog

Ecommerce sales will keep rising; brick-and-mortar retail sales will keep declining. An important factor to consider here is the generational shift. As the “digital native” Generation Z enters the workforce, their spending power will increase, and it’s safe to assume that they will be more inclined to buy online than the previous generations.


Therefore, if you’re a manufacturer or supplier, it makes sense to get your products on as many screens as possible.  It provides greater visibility and profitability. But to do so means managing, optimizing and accelerating the syndication of your product master data.  That’s where the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) comes in.


GDSN Refresher

The GDSN is a network of data pools (repositories) that allow suppliers and brand manufacturers to exchange product information with their trading partners.  These interoperable data pools can be spread out around the world. Trading partners must choose a data pool to subscribe to. When one supplier updates its data, its trading partner updates its data at the same time. This means everyone has access to the same continuously refreshed data.


Ultimately, leveraging the GDSN means that companies can effectively make products more discoverable, increase conversion rates and achieve better brand loyalty.


GDSN Challenges

Most global suppliers today find themselves publishing to multiple data pools to support different regions. This means they need to manage separately the different local attributes, code lists and validation rules of their trading partners and publish the data using each data pool’s local data dictionary and messaging formats.


GDSN Multi-Connector Solution

Innovit’s GDSN Multi-Connector solution paves the way for multi-national organizations to achieve compliance with both global and local data requirements while improving trading partner collaboration and supply chain efficiency.


Certified by the major GDSN-compliant data pools, Innovit’s solution provides suppliers and brand owners a pre-packaged list of attributes, code lists and validations for publication to their chosen data pools and target markets. This helps reduce operating costs and improves data quality.


It also streamlines data governance processes by replacing the multitude of individual “connectors” to different data pools with a single, global GDSN solution that validates, converts and publishes item and pricing data to the respective data pools operating in different target markets across the globe.